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InsightsNet Expert Workshop 06-2023

Workshop programme

Monday, 12.06.202314:00 – 18:00
~13:00 hrsarrival at TU Darmstadt, Residenzschloss 1, building S3 13 room 16, 64283 Darmstadt
14:15InsightsNet – project introduction, overview and goals
15:00Theoretical & methodological concepts of InsightsNet
15:30coffee break
16:00Graph modelling: GraphViewer and the document perspective
17:00Discussion of research questions and solutions
Tuesday, 13.06.20239:00 – 13:00
9:00Welcome and outline
9:15Linguistic modelling: corpora – annotation and query
10:30coffee break
11:00Integrated analysis of complex multimodal discourses: discussion and perspectives
12:30Wrap-up and farewell (end of workshop at 13:00 hrs.)